Is This Spain’s Most Underrated Beach Destination?

Today, I’m wrapping up my weeklong scouting trip to Huatulco and Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca state on Mexico’s stunning Pacific coast.

I’ve come to track a major “Path of Progress” here, with billions being poured into new highways and airport upgrades along this coast in Oaxaca. (A Path of Progress is anything that makes a place easier to get to or more desirable, like a new road or 5-star resort.)

What I’ve seen has blown me away…

I can’t remember the last time I scouted a place with so many breathtaking, unspoiled beaches with such immense potential. I’ve sent you an update here.

You can also learn more by following my Instagram account. And I’ve been putting photos and short videos up onto the Overseas Dream Home WhatsApp Channel.

Of course, my team and I are never scouting just one destination. Our beat is global…

The beaches and coastline around Puerto Escondido are breathtaking… I’ve been blown away by what I’ve uncovered here.

Tomorrow, two of my scouts are hopping on a plane to Montenegro, to investigate an incredible potential opportunity in the stunning Bay of Kotor. I think we’re onto something huge there. Stay tuned for more on that.

And recently, my senior researcher Margaret Summerfield was on Spain’s sun-soaked southeastern coast…

Spain has been a firm fixture on my global beat for close to two decades. During that time much of my focus has been on Spain’s southern coast and the Costa del Sol.

The Costa del Sol is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations…offering glorious beaches, ancient towns and cities, incredible food, world-class golf courses and marinas, and 320 days of sunshine a year. It’s also a place where I’ve consistently found incredible deals for members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group. To give you a brief snapshot…

  • Gain of €155,000: I brought RETA members a deal to own sea-view homes in a community called Rock Bay. One RETA member bought here in 2018 for €230,000 and sold in 2021 for €385,000. One of my Costa del Sol contacts tells me these homes would now sell for at least €550,000.
  • Uplift of €180,100: RETA members got in on a deal to own luxury homes in a golf community called Ibergolf. A RETA member who bought here in 2017 for €189,900 sold last year for €370,000.
  • A boost of €223,000: I brought RETA members an opportunity to own in a community called Casares Costa in 2020. A condo that a RETA member bought here for €327,000 was sold in late 2023 for €550,000.

The stunning beaches of the Costa del Sol… I’ve brought a number of killer deals on this coast to members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group.

My team and I continue to track the Costa del Sol closely, but we’re also looking for the next places in Spain. That’s why I recently asked Margaret to scout a stretch of Spain’s southeastern coast known as the Costa Blanca…

The Costa Blanca lacks the global name recognition of the Costa del Sol, but it’s been a favored vacation spot among Northern Europeans for decades and it’s home to some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal towns in Spain.

So far, Margaret has reported back to us about the cave homes of the Costa Blanca…the stunning town of Aguilas (a true hidden gem)…the incredible whitewashed village of Mojácar…and the increasingly popular beach destination of Calpe.

Today, she highlights a city that so impressed her, it’s become her new favorite destination in all of Spain.

Margaret’s my original scout. She’s been with me since the very start and she’s seen it all, from tiny coastal towns in Ecuador to the most prestigious destinations on the French Riviera. It takes a lot to impress her.

So, when she finds a destination that she says tops Madrid, Malaga, and Seville, it’s worth knowing about…


Ronan McMahon, Overseas Real Estate Expert

P.S. If you have a question, I’d love to hear it. Maybe you’d like to know what I think of a particular destination…or perhaps you have a suggestion about where you’d like us to scout next. Let me know here.

Spain’s Most Underrated Beach Destination

By Margaret Summerfield

I hadn’t planned to scout the city of Alicante…

Truth be told, I’d never given it a thought prior to arriving. Alicante is home to the biggest airport on the Costa Blanca. So, it was merely the city I was flying into…my base for scouting the rest of this coast.

Alicante is one of the original beach city destinations in Spain. It’s been attracting tourists for decades. In my experience, many of those destinations have become overdeveloped, bland, touristy. They’ve lost their culture and personality.

That’s what I expected of Alicante. Instead, the city was a delight. Every day revealed a new facet of the city to explore and enjoy—its historic district, culture, gastronomy, beaches, weather…

Pre-trip, I would never have booked a vacation here. Now I would love to go back.

The coastal city of Alicante in southeastern Spain is the gateway to the Costa Blanca.

Alicante is a short (and low cost) flight from much of Europe. Its airport is the fifth busiest in Spain. The roads are excellent, a network of highways both north and south of the city. And there’s train service too, with the capital city, Madrid, only 2.5 hours by rail.

This city itself has much to offer…

Alicante boasts an incredible climate. On my trip, it was T-shirt weather. Bright sun, fresh sea breezes, warm afternoons. Alicante’s 300 sunny days a year likely explains why the Romans dubbed it Lucentum, the City of Light.

The downtown city core around Centro is very walkable. There’s the Explanada de España, a long promenade that runs opposite the marina and waterfront. It’s lined with cafés and bars, a good spot for an alfresco brunch.

Fellow diners during my trip were the work-from-home set, tapping away on laptops…older retirees…families and young couples. A mix of nationalities, too. It reflects Alicante’s broad appeal. This is an internationalized city.

The Explanada links to a rambla (pedestrianized area) that runs up through the city. With green spaces and benches and sidewalk eateries close by, it’s a nice spot for people-watching and relaxing. Just off the rambla are the main shopping streets. Banks, grocery stores, beauty salons, shops selling clothing, electronics, shoes, you’ll find them in this area.

The rambla in the heart of the city leads to shopping and dining.

An easy stroll from Centro is the city’s historic district, Santa Cruz. This is a charming labyrinth of narrow streets and old buildings.

At first, I thought it was tiny, but soon got lost, finding a nice vista or little plaza around every corner. Santa Cruz is also home to MACA (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante) with works by Picasso, Cocteau, Miró, and Dalí.

Santa Cruz is perfect for wandering, eating, taking photos, exploring…and getting lost!

Looking down over the city is the Castillo de Santa Bárbara. It was designed as one of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain.

You can reach it via a tunnel just off the Explanada which leads to an elevator, saving you the steep climb up Mount Bencantil. The views from the castle are postcard-perfect.

Take the tunnel and elevator up to the castle…the views from the top are worth it.

Everywhere you go in Alicante, there’s somewhere intriguing to eat or snack or drink. The city’s got a reputation for good food and wine.

There are Michelin-starred restaurants, traditional tapas bars, international cuisine, ice cream parlors, seafood restaurants, steak houses and bakeries. If you skip the fancier places you can eat very affordably, too.

As if history, culture, shopping, and dining weren’t enough, the cherry on top is the beaches.

Alicante’s in-city beach, Playa del Postiguet, is gorgeous. There are more beaches north and south of the city, too.

Playa del Postiguet, Alicante’s beautiful in-city beach, with Mount Bencantil towering overhead.

So, Alicante’s appeal is obvious. What about its real estate market?

I checked out listings in Santa Cruz and Centro. (Note, I haven’t viewed these properties in person, nor have I done any due diligence on them.) It was more affordable than I expected.

You can find smaller condos in Santa Cruz for €200,000 or so. This listing for a studio of 291 square feet has an asking price of €135,000 ($150,000). It already has a touristic licence, meaning you could rent it short term. In fact, it’s already up and running as a short-term rental.

If you have a bigger budget, you’ll find a host of interesting (and luxurious) options…

This one-bed sits among the winding alleys of central Alicante and is already operating as a short-term rental. Listing here.

On the rambla in the heart of the city is a condo listed at €549,000. It’s in a building that dates to the 1940s. The terrace has views to the marina. The home has two large bedrooms and bathrooms and a very spacious living area. It boasts lofty ceilings, marble floors, and lots of light. You could walk to the beach, shopping, dining, and museums. Listing here.

Also in Santa Cruz, I found this listing for a large two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo in a building dating from the 1880s. With an open plan layout, traditional tile floors, and a home office, it spreads across more than 2,100 square feet. It’s a stunning mix of old and new. The asking price is €650,000.

There’s also this five-bedroom, two-bathroom condo in Barrio Santa Cruz. The building is a 1970s one, rather than a true historic building. But the condo comes with a parking space (all important in Santa Cruz), and the building has two elevators. The condo’s in good condition, with an updated kitchen and bathrooms. The terrace off the living space has beautiful views over Playa del Postiguet. It’s listed at €740,000.

The views from this five-bed overlooking Playa del Postiguet are breathtaking. This is one of the most sought-after areas to own in Alicante. Listing here.

I loved Alicante. It’s a fantastic location for vacations, working from home, or a second home. It’s got something for everyone, whether you’re into beaches or bars, history or shopping, sailing or gastronomy.

It’s my favorite spot in Spain to date, beating out Madrid, Malaga, and Seville.

Ronan says: Hand on heart…I’m a travel snob. I’m drawn to and only want to visit places that are exceptional. I want the best beach. The most idyllic mountain retreat. The cities with the finest architecture. And I like to be there before the crowds.

I haven’t been to Alicante, but before Margaret’s reports, I had miscategorised it. For decades, the masses have vacationed in beach towns near Alicante. Many of these towns have a reputation for being cheap and unpleasant.

In my head, I’d placed Alicante in the same category. Margaret has opened my eyes. Clearly, it’s not. This is a place worth further exploration.

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