Cotacachi, Ecuador: Two-bedroom home on a half-acre for $172,000

Nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, surrounded by farms and pastureland, little Cotacachi, population about 8,000, is an artisan village known best for its leather goods…and a sizeable and active expat community. It’s peaceful, calm, quiet…the type of place where families gather in the town square on weekends to enjoy a bit of street food and let the kids run around…and everything seems to shut down after sunset. It’s a pleasant place to spend time outdoors; the weather is temperate year-round—though it does get a bit cool at night.

The indigenous presence is strong here, which means plenty of traditional festivals and celebrations, as well as food and craft markets. The foreign influence has brought international restaurants and other amenities, but there’s also a sizeable city, Ibarra, just 45 minutes away when you need something you can’t find in Cotacachi.

Just outside the town proper is a two-bedroom home on a half-acre lot in a gated community. Constructed of adobe, it features high ceilings and open floor plan, as well as a large front porch and sunroom.

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Property Features

2 Bedrooms   2 Bathrooms