Kavoussi, Crete, Greece: Two-bedroom seaview home for $238,038

Escape tourist crowds and the high temperatures of summer by visiting Crete in spring. As a bonus, you can enjoy blooming wildflowers.

With more than 600,000 people spread throughout 3,218 square miles of territory, it’s the largest and most populated of the Greek islands, making it an exciting destination with a diverse landscape offering everything from beautiful beaches (Crete has 650 miles of coastline) to breathtaking mountains…from buzzing cities to quiet rural towns and fishing villages. As you might imagine, you can’t go far in any direction without bumping into ancient ruins. And thanks to a tradition of hospitality, it’s a great place to get to enjoy a meal in a countryside taverna—which offer up delicious homecooked Greek cuisine at bargain prices.

The village of Kavoussi, in eastern Crete and a short drive from the regional capital of Agios Nikolaos and all its amenities, is graced with many historical sites and beaches…but it’s stayed off the radar of most tourists, which means it’s quiet and low-key. That’s especially true of this two-bedroom home perched on a hillside outside town surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. It offers views down to the Mediterranean, as well as large terrace with swimming pool. There is also easy access to Tholos beach, which is little-known by travelers and secluded.

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Property Features

2 Bedrooms   1 Bathrooms