25 Overseas Hideaways from $108,000

Have you found yourself daydreaming about an escape to an incredible dream home in a beautiful overseas destination—somewhere with stunning scenery, rich culture, delicious food, and an amazing climate?

A place where you can truly relax, get away from the stresses of everyday life, and enjoy the ultimate in luxury living at an affordable price?

If so, you’re not alone.

With real estate prices soaring in many parts of the United States, more and more people are looking abroad to find their slice of paradise without breaking the bank. From breathtaking beachfront villas on Caribbean shores to restored 16th-century homes in the Tuscan countryside to chic urban apartments in Europe’s great cities, there are countless options for overseas dream homes that provide an exceptional quality of life for a fraction of what it would cost back home.

In this report on dream hideaways, we’ll take you on a tour of some enticing properties in the world’s top overseas destinations. We’re talking gorgeous homes in beautiful locales. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing retirement retreat, an adventurous year abroad, or a chance to immerse yourself in a new culture while living in luxury, these dreamy listings will have you packing your bags…

But who am I?

What makes me the expert?

My name is Ronan McMahon. And real estate is my life, career and passion…

I’ve been traveling the world looking for the best real estate deals for more than two decades.

I own almost no stocks, no gold, nor crypto. I have no collectible coins, no cellars of fine wines nor classic cars.

Instead, I own properties around the globe.

And I travel…a lot.

I put my boots on the ground all over the world. One week Mexico…another Montenegro…on to Portugal…back to Panama…

Then there’s all the travel of my research team. Hill towns of Italy…beaches in France…temple-cities of Thailand…Caribbean islands….far-flung mountain hideaways…

The world is the well-trodden beat of my team and I and getting boots on the ground is a guiding principle of mine. Our annual bill for travel and research is usually over a million dollars.

And our mission is simple: Find opportunity in real estate.

Scouting the world for real estate opportunities. Here I am on a beach in Costa Rica. My team and I spend over a million dollars a year on travel and research and I’ve spent years recruiting the best world-traveling real estate scouts.

My personal focus is mostly on finding incredible real estate opportunities for members of my Real Estate Trend Alert service. A RETA deal is one that harbors the prospect of truly massive and rapid gains…both in capital appreciation and income. (If you’re not already a RETA member you can find out more about that here.)

Needless to say, such RETA deals are hard to find.

And while looking for them, my team and I find lots of amazing properties. Not what I’d call RETA-grade investments, but overseas dream homes worthy of attention. I mean the perfect condo by beach…a charming house in a tranquil village…a cottage in a beautiful hilltop town…

I’m talking about homes in stunning parts of the world, where the cost of living is less, the weather is good, the views are great, and the living is easy.

It seems such a shame not to share some of what we’ve found. So, we’ve worked together to create this report on dream escapes overseas.

What I offer you in this report is a taste of the amazing properties you can find in desirable locations around the world. If you love real estate and you like dreaming about bargains read on. I’ve honed in on locations I think offer the most bang-for-buck and given you a range of sample properties and some places to get started with your own search.

Let’s begin…

Wishing you good real estate investing,


Ronan McMahon, Real Estate Trend Alert

P.S. Remember, always do your due diligence when buying any property. It’s easy to fall head over heels for a place and let the romance woo you into hasty decisions. But a good lawyer and proper due diligence are essential no matter how cheap a property is. For the record, I haven’t done any such legwork on any of the properties I mention below; you’ll need to do your own. Now…on with the fun!

Bargains in Red-Hot Portugal

Until recently Portugal was Europe’s best-kept secret. Sure, millions of tourists visited the beaches of the southern Algarve, which gets 300 days of sunshine a year, but beyond that the country was pretty unknown. But all that has changed in the last few years.

According to Condé Nast Traveler, Portugal was the fourth most Googled travel destination in the world last year and in 2023, a record 30 million tourists arrived in Portugal.

I’ve been scouting here for years, have spent many months on the ground, and I bought a home on the country’s Silver Coast. With the explosion of interest in this small European country (both for investment and lifestyle), real estate opportunities are drying up in the popular Algarve and the capital city, Lisbon.

So I’m now looking to northern Portugal to find the best value for your overseas getaway.

In northern Portugal, you’ll find incredible food…stunning soft-sand beaches…rich history and culture—basically, all the quintessential elements that make Portugal so appealing.

And that includes the weather…

The weather in the north of the country is excellent, generally hovering between 60 and 80 F for most of the year. This temperate environment will have amazing appeal as we see a shift in climate preferences.

As newsfeeds every summer highlight unbearable temperatures and wildfires burning right across Europe and North America, there is a growing appetite for milder-climate destinations. The next generation of migrations want the sun…but they’ll also want temperatures and a landscape that are conducive to being active and being outdoors.

Northern Portugal offers this…and so much more.

Northern Portugal’s main city of Porto, once dilapidated and ignored, has emerged as an incredible tourist hot spot and one of the most livable cities in Europe. And with that has come the crowds. The city is now bustling year round. Tourists are a constant presence. And real estate prices here have soared…reportedly up 61% since just 2019.

Porto occupies the north bank of the Douro River, but head over to the south side, and you’ll find the Porto’s sister city, Vila Nova de Gaia.

The Douro River flows between Porto and its smaller sister city, Vila Nova de Gaia. The river shares its name with the world-renowned wine-producing region, the Douro Valley, which lies about 90 minutes east of the cities.

Though Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia form part of the same urban area, the city of Gaia has long been the junior partner in this relationship. Residents of Porto like to tease that the only good thing about Gaia is the views of Porto from across the water.

Most visitors to Porto never venture far from the city’s historic port area, except to take the short trip out to Foz. They’re missing out…

The iconic Luis I bridge is one of six connecting Gaia and Porto.

Gaia has 16 miles of spectacular Atlantic beaches, with an expansive boardwalk that runs alongside most of them with restaurants and cafés. There are also lots of facilities on the Douro River, including an upscale marina area. And all this just 13 minutes’ drive from downtown Porto, meaning the city’s historic neighborhood is on your doorstep.

This is a world-class environment, with the river, beaches, history, culture, fine dining. Yet, the area gets comparatively few foreign visitors. The vibe is more local and residential.

Gaia is a gentler, calmer beach haven that offers easy access to downtown Porto…and where you’ll get more bang for your real estate buck.

Let’s look at some listing examples:

  • Five minutes from Gaia pier, you’ll find this characterful two-bedroom apartment for €215,000 . Inspired by Japanese and Moroccan architecture, it has a fully fitted kitchen, living room, meditation area, and beautiful hand-painted tiles in the bathrooms. See the listing here.

This Moroccan-inspired apartment is an oasis of calm, a short drive from the center of buzzing Porto.

  • About a 15-minute drive from the center of Gaia, and a short walk to Praia da Aguda is a luxury four-bedroom, four-bathroom house spread across four floors. The living area is south facing with sliding doors that leads out to a terrace with a saltwater pool and barbecue area. There’s also a balcony on the second floor with views of the sea. Price: €570,000 ($615,620). More details here.
  • Less than a mile from Madalena Beach is this four-bedroom villa. It has a bright and spacious open-plan living area/fully fitted kitchen, an office/lounge space on the upper floor that has a terrace with views of the sea, and an outdoor area with a barbeque area and a garage. Price: €620,000 ($669,480).The full listing is here.

If you’re looking for a city escape in Northern Portugal, but without Porto’s high price tags, consider Braga. One of Portugal’s oldest cities, it was founded more than 2,000 years ago by the Romans.

It’s also a major religious center, famed for its dozens of churches in Romanesque, baroque, and neoclassical architectural styles. Wander its circular, mostly pedestrianized historic center and you’ll rarely walk down a cobblestoned street or alley without ending up in plaza…looking at a church.

The beautiful Praca da Republica square lies at the center of the historic city of Braga.

And yet, despite this abundance of history and religious traditions, Braga feels youthful and vibrant. This is a university town and major economic center. Around 40% of its population is under 30. Chic bars and restaurants occupy many of its centuries-old buildings.

This combination makes it extremely appealing for retirees, full-time remote workers, and tourists on city breaks who want to escape the crowds that descend on Porto and Lisbon.

Braga is sometimes called “the next Porto.” The implication being that the city is the next target in Portugal’s relentless wave of gentrification.

The characterization is fair, if overly simplistic. Gentrification is certainly coming to this city, as it came to Lisbon and Porto. And just like Porto, you’ll find buildings undergoing restoration work on virtually every street in its historic center. But the pace in Braga is calmer and gentler.

  • In the center of Braga, you’ll find this three-bedroom apartment. It also has two bathrooms, a kitchen that was renovated just three years ago, an office, and a living room. There are views of Braga cathedral from the second floor so you’re right in the heart of the action here. Price: €385,000 ($416,000). See the full listing here.

Be right in the center of Braga with this charming three-bedroom apartment.

  • In Braga’s São Victor neighborhood, close to the university, is this modern four-bedroom townhouse. Renovated in 2016, it has a living/dining area, fully equipped kitchen, and the fourth bedroom on the second floor provides access to a terrace area. There’s a small outside space too that includes a garage. Price: €315,000 ($340,000). All the details are here.

Luxury For Less in France

Whether you dream of a pied-à-terre…a rambling farmhouse…a village house wrapped in wisteria-hung memories of long ago…or even an historic chateau, France has something for you…

There are scores of hidden corners of France where you’ll get more bang for your buck and where luxury doesn’t have to break the bank.

Once known as the “poor man’s Provence” the Languedoc region of southern France is slowly making its way into the world’s consciousness.

The Languedoc’s Mediterranean coast is part of France’s sun belt, and its long sandy beaches are still fairly uncrowded. Inland, you’ll find wild mountain ranges, dramatic gorges and stunning hill towns that many Francophiles will tell you are more authentic than what you’ll find in over-touristed and over-priced Provence.

If your idea of France is fairy-tale castles perched on rugged mountain peaks and medieval villages where the food is amazing and the wine is local, then you’ll find everything you want in the Languedoc.

And if you yearn for Mediterranean views, long beach strolls and fresh seafood, then the Languedoc has that, too.

In the heart of the Languedoc, the restored medieval city of Carcassonne is one of the most visited places in France.

Languedoc-Roussillon essentially covers the area of southern France where the Occitan language was once the common tongue. It’s just west of Provence, stretching all the way to the Spanish border where you’ll find Roussillon—French Catalonia—sandwiched alongside the Pyrenees Mountains.

As you move inland from the sea, the sun-drenched coastal plain gives way to rolling, forested hills and jagged mountains. No other part of France I know of is so varied. In fact, the micro-climates you’ll find in the Languedoc can pose a challenge to the real estate buyer. A short drive from one village to another can mean a difference of a few degrees in temperature.

The Languedoc in the South of France includes the city of Montpellier and the surrounding region.

To whet your appetite, here are some bargains around the Languedoc:

Close to the village of Vinca (about a 30-minute drive from Perpignan) is this renovated village home on the market for €150,000 ($164,100). Once the gatehouse to a chateau, it has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a modern kitchen, and a small office. There’s also a roof-top terrace with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. See the full listing here.

This Languedoc village house is within an hour drive of ski slopes, the sea, and a large city.

With a terrace that sits right over the famed Canal du Midi, this four-bedroom, four-bathroom house really has the wow factor when it comes to location. In the village of Castelnaudary, about a 40-minute drive from Carcassonne, it also has a modern kitchen, a dining room that also looks out over the canal, and an American-style kitchen. Price: €250,000 ($270,200). See the full listing here.

Live right on France’s famous Canal du Midi in this beautiful four-bedroom house.

The Languedoc’s Minervois wine region is located northeast of the city of Carcassonne. It stretches along the foothills of the Montagne Noire mountains. On the banks of the River Cesse, in the medieval village of Bize-Minervois, is this charming, stone period house. The house is laid out so that the second floor can be used as a separate two-bedroom apartment with its own bathroom, kitchen/living area and a terrace. Live in the first-floor unit with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and living/kitchen areas and rent the smaller unit. You’re just 45 minutes from Carcasssone. Price: €389,000 ($420,600). More details here.

If your budget stretches a bit further, and you’re looking luxury in the French countryside, this eight-bedroom, four-bathroom historic home might be for you. Located just outside the small village of Olonzac, this former presbytery boasts a kitchen with granite countertops, a large pantry, a dining room with a marble fireplace, a study, large living room with decorated floor tiles, and an attic room that’s currently used as a workshop. Outside you’ll find a paved terrace with dining and barbeque areas, a covered seating area, and a swimming pool. A small, enclosed garden is home to roses, olive trees, and jasmine trees. Price: €700,000 ($757,00). Get all the details here.

Luxury in the French countryside doesn’t have to break the bank.

The Good Life in Italy

Italy is one of the most evocative places in the world. The wine, the food, the history…
Every region in Italy offers its own version of the country’s magic and romance. Everywhere you go you can savor lost-in-time landscapes, stunning views…marble mountains, sandy Mediterranean beaches…

The cradle of the Renaissance, the birthplace of opera, the country that gave the world Italian food… Italy is jammed with treasures, many of its cities are themselves works of art.

You can wander along old Roman streets, stand in the shadow of the Colosseum or just sip espresso with the locals. For culture look no further, enjoy Verdi in the birthplace of opera, visit the lavish home of the Pope adorned with priceless works of art…and the cities are only the start…

Look off the beaten path in Italy and it’s easy to find bargain real estate.

Italy has many small art towns which offer great attractions…medieval gems set amongst lost-in-time landscapes, sun-drenched vineyards, olive groves, and wildflower meadows…gentle wooded hills crowned with castles and medieval villages…

Italy epitomizes dolce vita living…endless azure skies overlooking ruins from millennia, masterpieces around every corner, and family recipes perfected through generations for some of the most exquisite food your palate could ever wish for.

The evening passeggiata here embodies poetry in motion—the time-honored ritual of the pre-dinner stroll. As the sun creeps towards the horizon, Italy’s towns and cities come alive. Friends trickle into the piazzas, nourished by fontanas of wine and spirited discussion. Visitors sit in the shade of a street-side café and take it all in while nibbling bruschetta and sipping a glass of local vino that cost just $4.

It recalls a time when life was…well, simpler.

Italy has been in near-permanent recession since the 2008-09 financial crisis. Its public debt is proportionally the highest in the euro zone after Greece. It’s a chronic economic underperformer, stuck in almost constant political paralysis, with a per capita income that has been steadily declining compared with its European peers.

An outside observer would think that the country is in reasonably good economic health. But, as with much of Italian culture, appearances can sometimes be deceiving. And perhaps the most obvious crack in the veneer is the remarkably affordable real estate.

Look off the beaten path, away from what we call the “George Clooney real estate,” the kind that attracts the global elites, and you’ll uncover truly deep value. And it’s all over Italy. It’s in the ancient cities, on Italy’s lakes and ski resorts and beaches and islands. Even on famed coasts like Amalfi and cities like Florence. Opportunities are to be found everywhere.

When you get away from Tuscany’s tourist-laden hotspots, there are plenty of good-value dream escapes to be found.

Say “Tuscany” and most folks will think of historic Florence…the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance…the glorious rolling landscapes…and the world-famous cuisine.

But Tuscany’s popularity has also meant that it’s often viewed as a place in Italy where only those with huge bank balances can afford to buy a dream home.

There are tranquil little corners of Tuscany where you can still enjoy all that this region is famous for…but for a lot less than you might think.

Right in the heart of the village of Chianni, 20 miles southeast of Pisa, is Casa Arabella, a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment that has recently been restored and is currently for sale for €99,000 ($108,290). It has an open-plan kitchen/living area and features exposed stone walls and tile flooring. There’s also a private courtyard included. See the full listing here.

A home in Tuscany doesn’t have to cost the earth…this charming one-bed village home could be yours for less than $110,000.

Bagni di Lucca is in the forest-clad foothills of the Apuan Alps. Michelangelo’s statue of David was once just a hunk of Carrara marble dragged out of these mountains.

This is not typical Tuscany, no fields of sunflowers and rolling vineyards…for that you go south. But it is the best-value in Tuscany and an incredibly beautiful and pristine part of the world. Plump trout laze in mountain rivers. Deer, boar, and even wolves can be found around here.

Just a five-minute walk from the center of town is Villa Secret Garden, a six-bedroom, eight-bathroom home that is laid out over four floors. Originally built in the 1700s, today it has two living rooms (one of which provides access to an outdoor terrace), a dining room, study, and a kitchen with a small storage room. It sits on a lot of 5.6 acres. Price: €449,000 ($485,250). See the full listing here.

Elsewhere in Tuscany, you’ll find this beautiful, renovated farmhouse. Close to the village of Sarteano (which is about an hours drive south of Siena), this three-bedroom home features terracotta floors, exposed stone walls, and wood beam ceilings. It also has two living rooms, a kitchen that has access to the garden, and a basement which currently houses a guest room and bathroom. The home is on a lot of just over 2 acres with a mix of woodland and arable/pasture land. Price: €695,000 ($754,000). For more details, see the full listing.

From this renovated farmhouse, you have views of areas lakes, including Lake Montepulciano and Lake Trasimeno.

Ever wanted to own your own Italian village? Well, just an hours drive from the Cinque Terrre coast there’s a small hamlet for sale. Borgo di Quarazzana is a complex of three buildings that sit around a central courtyard. All together the three buildings have eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, and they all have views over the nearby Apuan Alps. Also within the hamlet there’s a yoga room, a large garden with plants and fruit trees, a raspberry grove with 200 trees, an outside lounge area with a pergola, an above ground swimming pool and three ancient cellars (one of which usd to be the village shop). It’s currently run as a tourist business, you could continue that or use it as a multi-generational home. Price: €680,000 ($737,900). All the details are in the full listing here.

This little hamlet of Borgo di Quarazzana is close to ski slopes as well as the coast.

Tranquil, Safe, Welcoming Costa Rica

Ask anyone who’s ever visited Costa Rica what they think of it—and most will tell you it was love at first sight.

I’ve lost track of the number of people I’ve met who bought property in Costa Rica in their 50s and 60s…based on fond memories of surf trips and wildlife adventures when they were decades younger.

They might have traveled with little comfort in their younger years, roughing it in cheap hostels and beat-up buses…but when it comes to a second home in the country, their older, more experienced, and better-heeled selves often want a touch of luxury.

Costa Rica is a safe, stable country. It’s got no army, no beef with anyone, and a very friendly welcome for tourists and expats alike.

Its biggest treasure is its natural beauty. From unspoiled beaches to smoldering volcanoes…tranquil lakes to crashing waterfalls…thousands of acres of rainforest and cloud forest…there’s beauty almost everywhere you look.

It’s the kind of place for those that love the outdoors. If your passion is tracking rare tapirs…zip-lining through the jungle canopy…sea kayaking and whale watching…hiking, biking or horseback riding…Costa Rica has it covered.

If you’re dreaming of a place where you can escape for vacations with family and friends; a retreat where you can ride out the cold winters back home; or your goal is a second home that can deliver good returns—you’ll find it in Costa Rica.

Arenal is a tranquil, rural area in Costa Rica’s northwest that’s got enormous appeal. The landscape is magnificent—green hills around a huge lake, with volcanic peaks towering in the background. The lakeshore road meanders around the lake with photo opportunities at almost every turn. There are small, local villages scattered along the lakeshore road, as well as restaurants and cafés where you can stop for a bite to eat.

It will always be the sort of place expats will seek out and dream of retiring to. The lifestyle here is unlike anything I’ve come across in Central America. In some ways, the lush, green landscape reminds me of Switzerland—but with tropical butterflies, birds, and plenty more sunny days. (Indeed, there is a Swiss-style hotel on one side of the lake, complete with chalets, a mini train, and a rotating restaurant.)

Arenal’s famed lake and volcano have been drawing visitors to this part of Costa Rica for decades.

The biggest towns on the west side of the lake are Nuevo Arenal and Tilarán. Nuevo Arenal has a bank, grocery stores, a clinic, gas station, bars and cafes. The famous German bakery is a good spot for lunch, serving bratwurst, sandwiches, fresh pretzels, and apple strudel.

Dotted around the lakeshore road, you’ll see little hand-painted signs for eateries. You can eat New York steak, local-style rice and beans, barbeque chicken, pizza, home-made pasta, burritos…or just stop for a rich Costa Rican coffee with a macadamia-nut muffin, warm from the oven.

During the day, residents often enjoy fishing in the lake, horseback riding, gardening, or hiking in the forest. With the constant spring-like climate, it’s comfortable to be active and outdoors any time of year. There’s a small but active group of long-term expats who often meet for drinks or to share a pot-luck dinner.

Here’s a selection of what’s on offer…

In the hills above Tronadora, on the west shore of lake Arenal, is a home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open-plan kitchen/living/dining area that opens out to a covered terrace overlooking Lake Arenal. Its on a lot of just under half an acre. Price: $179,000. See the listing here.

Casa Botanica is a recently renovated two-bedroom, two-bathroom home on a half-acre lot just outside of Tilaran. This home has a kitchen, dining room, living area, and an office nook. There’s also a teak studio-style cabin on the property that’s perfect for visitors. The lake is just a two-minute walk away. Price: $269,000. See the full listing here.

Relax and unwind in Casa Botanica, a beautiful little lakeside retreat.

A short drive from Nuevo Arenal, is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom with unobstructed views of Lake Arenal and Arenal volcano. Set on a lot of just under 2 acres, the house has an open-plan kitchen/dining area that takes advantage of those views. The master bedroom has a private walk-out terrace and its own living room. Outside you’ll find an outdoor kitchen and large seating area for those evening meals overlooking the lake below. Price: $449,000. See the full listing here.

This tranquil, private property makes the most of its views over Lake Arenal.

If you’re more of a beach person, Costa Rica’s Guanacaste region boasts some of the country’s most spectacular beaches, lush forests, and ideal climate.

With average yearly temperatures hovering around 85°F and plenty of sunshine, the warm weather and beautiful surroundings make enjoying an outdoor lifestyle of surfing, fishing, hiking and beachgoing easy to embrace.

The relaxed pace of life in beach towns like Tamarindo and Nosara appeals to expats seeking a tranquil existence spent admiring ocean sunsets.

Liberia international airport in Guanacaste gets flights from 23 destinations, including two from Europe. It’s extremely well-connected to the U.S.

This region of Costa Rica is known as the sunniest in the country and is home to some of its most beautiful beaches.

The North Coast has traditionally been one of the most popular for expats and vacationers…and this popularity is only increasing. In towns like Playa Flamingo, Playas del Coco, and Tamarindo, you have walkable seaside villages and expat enclaves with plenty of amenities like world-class golf, high-quality medical care, stores full of imported items, top-notch restaurants, and much more.

Expats who come to live here see this part of Costa Rica as a safe and welcoming natural paradise close to North America. As a result of its popularity, real estate prices here are understandably higher than in other places in Costa Rica. But you’ll still get much more bang for your buck here than in the U.S. for a home near the beach.

Here’s some examples of what you can get around Guanacaste:

A 10-minute drive from Tamarindo, is this two-bedroom, two-bathroom home. The kitchen/living area opens out to a large terrace that has a small jacuzzi style pool. It sits on a lot of 1.2 acres and comes fully furnished. Price: $399,999. See the listing here.

This beautiful two-bed home offers peace and tranquility but the popular town of Tamarindo is nearby.

In the popular beach town of Playa Flamingo, there’s a three-bedroom, three-bathroom luxury condo in the gated community of Altos de Flamingo for sale. The open-plan kitchen/living/dining area has floor to ceiling windows and access to a balcony that runs the length of the condo with views of the sea and the mountains. The community has gardens planted with fruit trees, has a barbecue area, a basketball court and a playground. The condo comes fully furnished. And the beach is just a three-minute walk away. Price: $625,000. More details here.

This luxury three-bedroom condo is just steps from the beach in Playa Flamingo.


On a sunny day Ireland is the most beautiful place in the world. The ocean shimmers like the Mediterranean and you can dig your toes into powdery soft sand on a deserted beach. The countryside is at its deep-green best and as the daylight stretches to nearly 11 p.m. it can feel like the summer will never end…

But sunny days aren’t all that common. Even in the height of summer it can rain. All that rain is why it’s so stunningly green.

I spend time each summer in Ireland. I’m from Cork. This is where I made my very first real estate investments and learned much about real estate before traveling overseas.

My home country of Ireland has an expensive real estate market, but there are still some gems to be found on the Emerald Isle.

Right now, real estate in Ireland is generally expensive. Although, prices have peaked and appear now to be hitting a plateau due to rising interest rates, demand for housing in Ireland is still high, and there’s not enough supply, so I don’t see prices dropping in any dramatic way anytime soon. It’s certainly not the hottest investment play.

But if you’re looking for somewhere to escape to that offers culture, history, and craic agus ceoil (that’s Irish for “fun and music”), then Ireland should definitely be on your list. And if you look in the right places, you can find some beautiful properties in locations that are as stunning as you’ll find anywhere on earth.

The farther you are prepared to go from any of the country’s major cities, the more bang for your buck you’ll get. For example, counties in the west of Ireland offer more affordability and much of what makes Ireland special…natural beauty, history and rich traditions of music and folklore. (One tip, weather-wise it is wetter in the west and north of the country than it is in the east and south.)

Outside the town of Belturbet in the Co. Cavan countryside, about a 90-minute drive from Dublin airport, is this charming Irish cottage. It has a kitchen, a bright living room, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a parlour that could be converted into a third bedroom. Its sits of 1 acre of land. The house is in need of renovation but the bones are good. Price: €115,000 ($125,850). For the full listing, go here.

Live the quiet life in Irish countryside, this two-bedroom cottage is on the market for just over $125,000.

If you’re willing to take on a renovation project, check out Treanlaur Lodge in Newport in County Mayo. A former hunting and fishing lodge was originally built in 1860 and its sits on an elevated lot on the shores of Lough Freenagh and is surrounded by forest, a stream and the lake. The lodge has four bedrooms, a kitchen, pantry, four reception rooms, and it still has some original features like fireplaces, window shutters, and staircase. Price: €295,000 ($319,950). Find more information here.

Treanlaur Lodge was once owned by Arthur Guinness and Co. and was used for salmon research.

In West Cork, one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland, famous for stunning natural landscapes (the beaches in particular), foodie scene, and lively creative community (think art, crafts, and music), I found a property that’s more “turn key.” This restored 19th-century farmhouse is located between the villages of Schull and Goleen. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living/dining room with views over the garden, and a study. There’s also a separate one-bedroom guesthouse. The cottage sits on a 1.5-acre lot that has a stream stunning through it and is planted with flowers and mature trees. The perfect hideaway in beautiful rural Ireland. Price: €795,000 ($861,950). Full listing is here.

This meticulously restored cottage is just 10 minutes from West Cork’s famous coastline.

There’s More…

The world is big…once you start casting your net out for pocket-money dream homes you realize your biggest challenge is narrowing down your search…

That’s why establishing your personal criteria is so helpful. And it’s fun, you can do it right now. Just grab a pen and paper and write down what you’re looking for then you’re set to get started with your search.

Once you start looking you might be surprised what you’ll find…

Good bargain hunting!

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Transparency is important to us, so you should know that properties and development projects detailed here may be clients of Pangaea Limited, a real estate advertising company managed by Ronan McMahon and Margaret Summerfield. Should you purchase one of the properties, Pangaea may receive a fee from the property owners, real estate developers and/or real estate agents. International Living Publishing Limited along with certain marketing companies who work with Pangaea may receive a portion of that fee.

Nothing in this website, and no communication by our staff, should be considered personalized advice. Although our staff may answer general queries, they are not licensed to address your particular situation.

We always recommend strongly that buyers perform their own complete due diligence and use a qualified legal professional to help with any real estate transaction.

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