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Who Is Ronan McMahon?

Hi. I’m Ronan McMahon. You’ve probably gotten to this page via my Instagram account, Your Cheap Dream Homes.

Your Cheap Dream Home…and this website…are where I share listings of dream homes around the world at unbelievable prices. I show you where you can live the good life in a stately chateau…enjoy gorgeous sea views while you dine al fresco on your balcony…pick up old stone homes in flower-filled meadows…on a tiny budget.

The dream homes I post are chosen by myself and my research team. My team is scattered in different bases around the world. They all love real estate and have an eye for a bargain. They each have their own criteria. Some love historic homes, others rural retreats, others like lock-and-leave apartments in buzzing cities…

When they find a killer bargain, they share it with me—and I share it with my Instagram followers.

But that’s just a tiny part of what I do. In fact, it’s almost a side hustle to my real job.

Which is tracking down the world’s best real estate opportunities.

My background is finance. But my passion is, and always has been, real estate. Fresh out of college, I invested in my hometown of Cork. It was the start of a 20-year adventure…that’s taken me on extensive scouting trips to countless towns and cities across the globe…and real estate investments in 8 different countries.

Now, the listings you see on Your Cheap Dream Homes are certainly cheap, and they’re very dreamy. They’re in places where you’ll love to vacation or kick back over the summer.

But they don’t make the grade when it comes to making money from an overseas real estate investment.

For an opportunity to make that cut it needs to offer “double your money” potential within five years, or a gross rental yield in the double figures. Ideally, both. My favorite play is a two-step of fat gains and big rental returns.

When I find that type of profitable opportunity, I share it with my Real Estate Trend Alert group.

Real Estate Trend Alert is for savvy investors…or those looking to combine a lifestyle play with the potential to make money. I and my team do the research, the legwork, the boots on the ground scouting. The savvy investor gets the crème de la crème of what we find, delivered to their inbox. They’re served up distressed deals in Europe, luxe condos in Latin America, fire sale homes…and the chance to buy in the early stages of real estate communities, with heavy discounts.

I also give them the lowdown on deals where they can access bank finance…or developer finance…making deals even more affordable.

I set up Real Estate Trend Alert in 2008. The economy in much of North America and Europe was shattered at that time. Banks were failing, job losses mounting, the stock market in freefall. For many, the outlook wasn’t pretty.

But I was on a beach in Brazil…where investors were making out like bandits on real estate. While the western world was collapsing, emerging markets like Brazil were on a roll…and their real estate markets on the up.

It taught me a very valuable lesson. To keep making money from real estate, you need to look beyond your home borders. You need to go global. Because even when your home market is falling apart, there’s always opportunity somewhere. And it’s that opportunity that I hunt down.

You can find out more about Real Estate Trend Alert here.

If you have any questions, connect with the Real Estate Trend Alert concierge here.

Go here to get more details on Ronan McMahon…and find out how he can help you make money on your dream home overseas.