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    • A Bargain Penthouse in Medellín With a Potential 11% Yield
    • Lake Views and Island Homes in Italy
    • Own in a Spanish White Village from $172,000
    • Plus, Your Feedback and RETA Explained

I’ve just put boots on the ground in Mazamitla, Mexico…

This town about 80 miles south of Guadalajara is sometimes called the “Switzerland of Mexico.”

That’s a reference to its alpine vibe. Mazamitla is located in the Sierra del Tigre mountain range. Chalet-like cabins dot this mountain town. Pine forests line the surrounding hills.

It’s a popular weekend getaway spot for folks from Guadalajara, who come to wander its cobbled streets and enjoy the refreshingly cool mountain air.

I’m excited to see what I uncover here. I’ll bring you more on that in the coming days…

Today, though, I wanted to take a moment to unveil a new feature of Overseas Dream Home

A log cabin in Mazamitla. I’m currently visiting this town for some R&R and to scout the real estate scene here.

In this age of information overload, I know how easy it is for something to get lost in the mix.

I want to make sure you don’t miss any of the opportunities my team and I uncover from our scouting around the world.

So every weekend, I’ll be sending you a wrap up. This alert will contain all the best scouting and opportunities that I’ve brought to you over the previous week in Overseas Dream Home. Plus, I’ll include links to the full reports on our Overseas Dream Home website.

With that, let’s get to your first wrap up…

A Big Find in Medellín

Boots on the ground. That is how my team and I uncover the best real estate deals from around the world. And recently a member of my team based in Medellín found a big opportunity there.

Medellín is Colombia’s trendiest city and a global hot spot for the digital nomad and work-from-anywhere crowd. Rentals in popular neighborhoods there are in hot demand…

That’s what makes this listing so special…

My team member found a listing for a sprawling 3,300-square-foot, four-bed penthouse in the most fashionable neighborhood of the city, El Poblado, known for its shopping malls and multitude of bars, restaurants, and cafés.

The penthouse is spread across three floors…it’s been renovated…and there’s even a private jacuzzi. This is exactly the kind of real estate in big demand among the well-heeled work-from-anywhere folks.

But the price has been reduced from around $450,000 down to just over $300,000.

That’s a great deal given that you could rent this condo for $3,000 to $4,000 per month long term…which equates to 11% to 16% yield!

You can read my full report about this opportunity here…

Medellin, Colombia’s trendiest and most livable city, is set in a lush, vibrant valley. This is a major global hot spot of the well-heeled work-from-anywhere crowd.

Bargain Ocean- and Lake-View Homes in Spain and Italy

Elsewhere, my team recently had boots on the ground in Spain…

Spain has been a key destination on my beat for decades and for most of that time, my focus has been on the Costa del Sol, on Spain’s southern coast.

The Costa del Sol is one of the world’s most beautiful places…offering glorious beaches, ancient towns and cities, incredible food, world-class golf courses and marinas, and 320 days of sunshine a year.

But as more and more people have flocked to the Costa del Sol each year, incredible deals are becoming rarer here.

So, we’re on the hunt for the next places in Spain…

Recently, I asked my senior researcher Margaret Summerfield to scout Spain’s southeastern coast. Already she’s shared details about the cave homes of the Costa Blanca…and about the beach town of Aguilas, a hidden gem.

This week it was the white village of Mojácar…

White villages, or pueblo blancos, are communities in southern Spain made up of dazzling whitewashed houses that typically wind around narrow, cobbled streets.

Mojácar is considered amongst the most beautiful of Spain’s white villages, and Margaret found sea-view homes there from just $172,000. You can read her full report here.

My scout was just in the white village of Mojácar in southern Spain. Check out her report here.

Meanwhile, over in Italy…

My team has been researching the Italian Lake District. This stunning region extends from the relatively flat River Po Plain at its southern end to the mountainous Alps to the north.

It’s most famous for Lake Como. That’s a playground of the rich and famous. So, property prices here can be eye-watering.

But you’ll also find bargains…if you know where to look.

My team were researching some of the lakes and found homes with gorgeous lake views for as little as $143,000.

Read the report here for all the details.

The village of Rezzonico on the shores of Lake Como. My team found a home near here with stunning views for only €250,000 ($271,000). All the details are here.

Your Feedback

I love to hear from you… You can send feedback or ask questions here.

Here’s a question I got for an Overseas Dream Home reader. It’s in relation to a recent deal I brought to members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group…

In mid-March, I brought RETA members the opportunity to own stunning, luxurious two- and three-bed homes at killer, off-market pricing in Costa Rica.

These homes will be set in a privileged location on Costa Rica’s Gold Coast, a billionaires’ playground that’s home to some of the best beaches in Central America. And they’ll be in a luxury community unlike any other, with incredible resort-style amenities that are unique in the region.

I bought alongside RETA members in this deal.

I simply couldn’t miss the chance to lock in expected gains of well over $200,000 three years after delivery and potential gross rental yields of over 10% renting long term and over 15% short term.

Bill wrote in to ask me a question about this deal. He says…

“Hi Ronan, We met at the batting cages in Mission Valley and I mentioned my interest in Costa Rica. I have a question. Which of the units are you picking for yourself?”

Thanks Bill, lovely to hear from you. It was a very difficult decision to make but I went for a two-bed home. Both the two-beds and three-beds were killer deals…

The RETA-only price for luxurious two-bed homes was from a RETA-only $286,800. Take delivery, wait three years, and I expect these two-beds will be worth $525,000. That’s a gain of $238,200 three years after delivery. And this could be proved outlandishly conservative in the fullness of time.

The three-bedroom homes are something special, and the RETA-only price is crazy…from $386,800. I figure these three-bed homes will be worth $650,000 just three years after delivery. That’s a gain of $263,200!

Choosing between these options was a very tough decision…

Ultimately, I went for the two bed to keep my powder dry for future deals I’m working on in this part of Costa Rica. (Stay tuned to your RETA alerts for more on those…)

I suspect the three beds will appreciate at a faster rate. But the lower price of the two beds makes them more liquid and therefore a more conservative play.

Also I plan to spend time there and the two beds are perfect for me in that regards.

If you have a question or any feedback, let me know here.

I just brought members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group an incredible deal on luxury homes near the stunning beach at Playa Flamingo on Costa Rica’s northwestern Pacific coast. And I’m working on more deals here…

What Exactly is RETA?

This question brings me on to a broader point I’ve wanted to address here in Overseas Dream Home

I realize that I often mention these RETA-only deals to you but if you’ve only just recently joined us here at Overseas Dream Home, you may be wondering what that means…and exactly what Real Estate Trend Alert is and how it all works.

So, let me explain…

As you probably know, when you buy a home you normally deal with a broker or real estate agent and you will pay the same price as anyone else who walks in off the street.

But RETA members do it differently. Because we act as a group, I’m able to get access to best-in-class developers and negotiate pricing directly with them—cutting out the middle man.

The developers know that our group can provide them with a large number of quick sales, cutting their marketing costs and increasing their cash flow.

But in order to get access to our group, developers need to give us deep discounts. They need to give us exclusive pricing well below what ordinary buyers will pay.

So, we use our group buying power to get amazing discounts and off-market deals.

The Costa Rica deal above is an excellent example of this…

In the community where we had the RETA-only deal on Costa Rica’s Gold Coast, called Playa Flamingo, you can spend well into the millions of dollars for homes and condos. And that’s if you can find them, supply is very limited. There simply isn’t a lot of listings.

But because of our group buying power, I was able to go to a best-in-class developer and negotiate this deal on luxury homes at the incredible RETA-only price from $386,800 for a three-bed home with stunning amenities and just $286,800 for a two-bed!

Now, to be clear, when RETA members buy in an off-market deal, we’re not buying as a group or sharing a portfolio or properties.

When a member is interested in a deal, they do the purchasing themselves, and they own their condo outright.

{% unless user.extended_attributes.customer_active_subscriptions contains “RET” %}

The difference is, because they are a RETA member, they pay a lot less than retail pricing.

If you’re not a RETA member, you can find out more about RETA and learn how to join right here.)

The difference is, because they are a RETA member, they pay a lot less than retail pricing.


Ronan McMahon, Overseas Real Estate Expert

P.S. After I return from Mazamitla, I’ll be scouting Puerto Escondido, the resort town in Oaxaca on Mexico’s Pacific coast. The beaches there look stunning. I’m excited to see what I uncover…

Puerto Escondido is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Oaxaca’s coast, known for its relaxing beaches, oceanfront seafood restaurants, and unspoiled reefs for diving and snorkeling.

These days you won’t find many Mediterranean beaches with olive groves and farmland running down to the sea. Here’s one on the Albanian Riviera…

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