Huge Discounts on Homes in Cabo, the Caribbean, Europe’s Hidden Riviera, and Beyond

My team just spent two days together in the small coastal town of Cobh in County Cork, Ireland.

Some team members, like me, own homes nearby on Ireland’s lush, spectacular southern coast. Others jetted in from as far away as the U.S., Panama City, Medellin, Colombia…

We came together to examine the incredible members-only deals in the pipeline for my Real Estate Trend Alert group and to map out scouting trips for the remainder of 2024.

On both counts, our plans have never been more exciting.

In fact, the second half of 2024 is shaping up to be the most incredible in the 16-year history of my RETA group.

Here’s what we’ve got in the works…

Cobh, Ireland, where my team and I met to plan our next scouting trips and discuss upcoming RETA-only deals.

Let’s start off with a brief rundown of the upcoming deals for RETA members…

My RETA group has never been stronger. Doors that were once closed are now wide open. That’s because RETA has been around for 16 years, and with each passing year I make more and more insider connections and we further build our group buying power.

Essentially, what this means is that the best developers in inherently desirable destinations across our global beat are willing to give us “off market” discount pricing in order to get access to our club of real estate buyers.

The kinds of deals we can get today are out of this world…

The headline news is that I’m about to bring members an urgent and imminent new RETA-only deal in Montenegro, dubbed Europe’s “Hidden Riviera.”

This small country boasts one of the most dramatic and spectacular coastlines in Europe. And it’s emerging as a playground of the ultra-rich…a “new Monaco.”

I’ve previously scouted this destination and several of my most senior scouts had boots-on-the-ground here in just the past several months. The opportunity there is incredible. And yet RETA members are about to get the chance to own best-in-class real estate here at mind-blowing prices. In fact, I expect gains of €201,643 five years after delivery on our upcoming RETA members-only deal. (That’s $215,587.)

More details on this coming very soon…

I’m about to bring RETA members a new deal in a place the French weekly magazine La Parisien describes as a new Monaco.

And that’s not all…

In the stunning beach destination of Playa del Carmen, on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, I’ve begun work on a superb luxury deal on beachfront real estate. There’s nothing like it at our RETA-only price…if I get this one across the line, it will be a phenomenal opportunity.

In Panama I’m working on a deal on luxurious homes right on the sand of a stunning Pacific beach.

I’m also working on a new deal in Cabo, where our RETA track record is phenomenal. (More details on this below.)

And I’m close to a deal in the next-level community of Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Cap Cana is an out-of-this-world luxury beach and golf community. At 30,000 acres, this place is huge, twice the size of Manhattan. And it’s just 20 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport, with regular flights across Canada and the American northeast.

Everything in Cap Cana screams luxury. It has top-tier golf courses, a pristine marina, sports fishing, shopping complexes, up-market restaurants, a hospital and bilingual school. This is going to be something special.

RETA member-only deals weren’t the only thing my team and I discussed in Cork, we also mapped out some major scouting trips for the rest of the year.

These trips will help shape the opportunities you see here in Overseas Dream Home

The Caribbean beaches in Cap Cana are as postcard-perfect as you’ll find anywhere in the world. Right now, I’m working on a red-hot RETA members-only deal in Cap Cana.

My team and I like to stay nimble…to be ready to respond to emerging opportunities, so our plans are flexible. But here’s some major trips we have in the works.

My scout Margaret came to the table in Cork championing Alicante, Spain. Margaret scouted this stunning coastal city earlier this year and was blown away. This is a destination that deserves further investigate. Now it’s in our plans.

My scouts Ciaran and Eoin are lined up to explore real estate on the Greek islands.

Eoin is also planning a trip to Panama later in the year to revisit our Panama City opportunities and scout for more.

And Ciaran is soon heading to the island of Taiwan to explore opportunities on the beaches of the eastern coast.

Taiwan is a place with incredible culture and outstanding natural beauty. It’s also got a breathtaking coastline. One of my scouts, Ciaran, will have boots on the ground there later this month!

My teams are also planning a major road trip in Baja California, with one of our major goals to scout the city of La Paz.

Way back, I called La Paz “a place to watch.”

In the years since, I’ve been doing just that, returning frequently to scout this destination. I last visited just two months ago. The transformation I predicted there is now in full swing…

Chic restaurants are opening, and the foodie scene is growing. There are super high-end communities popping up…new resorts…multimillion-dollar homes…

This is a destination on the cusp of something special…and we’ll be digging deep here for opportunities.

The coast around La Paz boasts glistening turquoise waters and some of the most breathtaking white-sand beaches you’ll find anywhere in the world.

We have all this and more in the works…


Ronan McMahon, Founder, Overseas Dream Home & Real Estate Trend Alert

P.S. The track record of my RETA group in Cabo is out of this world. It demonstrates what my group can achieve thanks to our group buying power and our global network of contacts. Let’s look at some examples…

  • Boost of $388,844—Our first RETA deal in Cabo was in 2015 in the 5-star Quivira resort. Our RETA-only price on a two-bed ocean-view condo in the best-in-class Copala community was $336,156. I bought one. An identical condo to mine two floors above me later listed for $725,000. That’s $388,844 more.
  • $250,000 Uplift—In August 2021, RETA members could get a penthouse in a community called Cabo Costa for $249,000. I got one. Today a penthouse in Cabo Costa lists for $499,000.
  • $602,885 More—A RETA member bought a luxury villa in Copala, in the Quivira master-planned community in Cabo, for $385,115 in 2017. Earlier this year, I saw the same Copala villa listed for $988,000—that’s $602,885 more.
  • Uplift of $421,778—Also in Quivira, a RETA member bought a villa in Mavila for $428,222 in June 2018. A villa there was recently on the market for $850,000.

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