Paris, France: One-bedroom apartment for $292,242

Paris is the go-to setting for many a romantic movie…honeymoons…and vacation getaways for couples seeking to inject a little romance in their relationship. No wonder one of its nicknames is the City of Love.

Looking for a special moment? Head to the top of Eifel Tower after dark to take in the expanse of twinkling city lights surrounding you. Take a picnic of wine, cheese, and a baguette to the banks of the Seine. Linger over coffee and pastries at a little café in one of the narrow backstreets of the Latin Quarter or Montmartre. There’s no shortage of places to get lost in romance in Paris.

One thing to leave off your list: leaving a “love lock” with you and your partner’s initials on the famed Pont de Arts. City officials removed thousands of locks because it was weighig the bridge down dangerously.

What could be more romantic than having a pied-a-terre in the heart of Paris? A one-bedroom apartment in a historic building close parks, shops, and public transport is available.

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Property Features

1 Bedrooms   1 Bathrooms