San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Three-bedroom home for $225,000


Visit El Jardin, the main of the Mexican colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, on a Friday or Saturday night and you’re likely to see something that can’t help but make you feel the romance in the air.

A circle of elaborately dressed mariachis…with a gentleman on one knee proposing to his lady in the middle…the mariachis breaking out in fanfare when she puts hand to mouth in delight and says yes, and the watching crowd clapping and cheering.

This historic city is not just a place of proposals but also popular for destination weddings. Often wedding parties parade through the streets from the ceremony at one of the historic churches in the centro to wherever the reception is going to be.

But even if you’re just looking for a romantic place to spend time with your special someone, San Miguel is a solid choice. The historic centro’s narrow cobblestone streets are lined with preserved Baroque Spanish colonial architecture. It’s perfect for long late afternoon strolls. There are pleasant parks and plazas where you can sit in the shade and chat. Street vendors sell a dozen roses for $2. And when you’re ready for a quiet drink or coffee or intimate meal, there’s no shortage of cozy cafes, chic low-key bars, and courtyard restaurants in those historic buildings.

A three-bedroom in the popular San Antonio neighborhood is one sale. You can walk everywhere. The rooftop terrace offers panoramic views over the city.

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Property Features

3 Bedrooms   2 Bathrooms