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Yesterday, I was sitting with a contact at a roadside café in Puerto Escondido, a stunning beach town on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

He was telling me a story I’ve been hearing again and again over the past several years from contacts in amazing destinations right around the world.

I can summarize it like this: There is no offseason anymore.

I’m boots on the ground in Puerto Escondido, on Mexico’s Pacific coast. The beaches here are unspoiled, breathtaking… This destination feels hugely promising.

Across the world, inherently desirable places are seeing huge influxes of people. The pandemic accelerated a remote-working trend that’d been building for years before. Suddenly, millions more people were able to work remotely from overseas for months or even years at a time.

This has been game-changing. Places that were once considered vacation spots with high seasons and low seasons have been transformed into year-round destinations. And this has opened up massive opportunities for real estate investors.

The first wave of opportunity was in places like Cabo…the Riviera Maya along Mexico’s Caribbean coast…Portugal’s southern Algarve region…the Costa del Sol in Spain… The world’s most famous destinations.

Now, other places are rapidly becoming popular as well. We’re seeing a new wave of growth and expansion.

My Real Estate Trend Alert group was ahead of this trend in Cabo, Portugal, Spain, Costa Rica, Panama, on the Riviera Maya… (More on that in a moment.)

I arrived in Puerto Escondido to see whether this destination stacks up and if so, to get my RETA group ahead once again.

So far things are looking very promising…

Billions are flowing into new infrastructure here. On my way in, I could see a new highway running to the coast, and work continuing on a major upgrade to the airport. The restaurants here are bustling. The beaches busy. The vibe is trendy. It has the feeling of a place on the rise.

And as my contact says, there’s no offseason anymore.

I’ll report back more in the days ahead. You can also follow along…

First, though, let’s address the wider opportunity…

The Biggest Real Estate Opportunity of Our Lifetime

Later this year, in October, I’ll be at the luxurious Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Las Vegas to speak at International Living’s Ultimate Go Overseas Bootcamp. I’d love to meet you there!

I’ll be speaking several times at this event…sharing my insights on this major trend transforming international real estate and offering my insights on the best places in the world to buy for capital appreciation and rental income.

I’m also bringing some of my best real estate contacts from around the world. They’ll be on hand to share their insights. And some of them will be coming with incredible deals.

The lineup is still being finalized, but here’s a look at some of the people who are set to attend…

My contact on Spain’s Costa del Sol, Geoffrey Donoghue, is due to be there, and he’s set to bring enticing opportunities.

I’ve asked seasoned rentals expert Ryan Pitts to join us from Mexico’s Riviera Maya to share how the rentals market is evolving and highlight the crazy yields people are making renting to this new generation of remote workers and other long-term renters.

I also have contacts due to come in from Uruguay, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, and beyond. All with the promise of deals.

Registration is open for this event and as an Overseas Dream Home reader, you can claim your seat now, at a deeply discounted price with this special “Doors Open Discount.”

Though fair warning: This event sold out last year and already seats are filling up. Learn more and register here now.

There’s never been a better time to come along, chat with me and my contacts from around the world, and learn about the incredible opportunities available to you. This trend is accelerating quickly…

Massive Gains on Overseas Dream Homes

According to U.S. Census data, the number of fully remote workers is now nearly three times what it was before the onset of the pandemic. In 2019, 5.7% of U.S. workers did their job from home. Now, roughly 15% of the workforce work remotely.

These are folks who would never have been able to live overseas before the pandemic because of their workplace commitments. But now they are trading up. They’re switching their cramped studio apartment in New York for spacious Caribbean condos on the Riviera Maya. Or taking their work from the cold Midwestern winter to spend the season sipping on piña coladas next to one of Costa Rica’s stunning white-sand beaches…

And they’re doing it all at once…

Chris Porter of John Burns Real Estate Consulting says this new movement of people is “unlike anything we’ve seen in decades. The closest comparison is the suburbanization we saw in the 1950s.”

It has created a profound opportunity, with demand for rentals and resales rising in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. This means owning a dream home in a highly desirable and internationalized place is one of the savviest financial moves you can make.

My Real Estate Trend Alert group has been ahead of this trend for years by owning best-in-class real estate in desirable destinations.

My Real Estate Trend Alert group has been ahead of this trend for years by owning best-in-class real estate in desirable destinations.

I founded RETA 16 years ago to bring together like-minded investors who recognize there’s always opportunity somewhere when you look everywhere. With our group-buying power, I can negotiate incredible off-market deals with best-in-class developers in world-class destinations.

It’s a win-win for us and the developer we work with it. For a developer, selling even best-in-class condos takes a lot of time and money. But by coming to our group, they can sell a chunk of their inventory right off the bat. In return, they give us an off-market price that ordinary investors never see. A few examples…

  • $250,000 More in Cabo—In August 2021, RETA members could get a penthouse in a community called Cabo Costa for $249,000. I got one. Today a penthouse in Cabo Costa lists for $499,000.
  • Gain of €223,000 in Spain—In 2020, I brought RETA members an opportunity in a community called Casares Costa in Spain’s Costa del Sol. A RETA member bought a luxury condo here for €327,000. It was sold in 2023 for €550,000.
  • Boost of $602,885 in Cabo—In 2017, I brought RETA members the chance to own luxury villas in Copala, in the Quivira master-planned community, in Cabo. One RETA member bought a villa here for $385,115. In early 2024, I saw the same Copala villa listed for $988,000—that’s an incredible uplift of $602,885.
  • $234,900 More on Mexico’s Riviera Maya: In 2019, I brought RETA members a deal in the chic beach destination of Tulum on the Riviera Maya. Members could own two-bed condos in a community called Gran Tulum from just $175,000. The developer later listed two-bedroom condos there at retail for $409,900—an uplift of $234,900.

RETA members could own two-bed condos in this community called The Village in Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean coast of Mexico from $258,600. Two-bed condos in The Village similar to those RETA members could buy later listed at retail for $384,238—that’s $125,638 more.

And it’s not just the uplifts that are so impressive…

Here’s an example I just recently got from a contact who’s a rental manager in the beach city of Playa del Carmen on Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

A RETA member bought in one of our deals there in June 2021 for the RETA-only price of $242,813. In its first year renting, the rental manager says it earned $36,000. That’s a gross annual yield of 14.8%. And in the first three months of this year, I’m told it was averaging $4,300 per month gross and was tracking to top the previous year’s incredible yield.

At the Las Vegas event, I’ll be digging into everything you need to know about opportunities like these…

As an Overseas Dream Home reader, you can claim your seat now, at a deeply discounted price with this special “Doors Open Discount.”

This is a brilliant opportunity to hang out with me and my team and run the rule over us, my contacts, and a raft of hot-off-the-presses deals…

Get all the details on your “Doors Open Discount” here.

I hope to see you in Las Vegas.


Ronan McMahon, Overseas Real Estate Expert

P.S. In our WhatsApp scouting group, you’ll find a host of cool videos from Puerto Escondido, including a video walkthrough of my very nice Airbnb and a short video of my stroll through the town, during which I explain why it reminds me so much of parts of Asia. Click here to join the scouting group now to check out these videos and more.

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