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There are 6,000 Greek isles dotting the Ionian and Aegean seas, of which 227 are inhabited. They are the birthplaces of ancient gods and mythic heroes. There are ancient Roman and Greek temples, Crusader castles, white-washed villages perched on hillsides, forest-clad mountains that rise from the sea, once-busy trading ports, fishing villages, and turquoise waters… Read more

Each year millions of people flock from cold northern climes to sunny southern shores to ride out the winter. They go to “snowbird escapes” near Pacific and Caribbean beaches, where weather is warmer, there are laidback communities of friendly locals and expats, and living costs that won’t break the bank. Places where you can buy… Read more

The rise of “Work From Home” is the number one thing on my list of big trends to watch and play in 2021. But here’s the thing… Work From Home is nothing new. In fact, it pre-dates the office…it pre-dates factories…it pre-dates industrialization. Before the spinning jenny kickstarted the industrial revolution in 1760, most technology… Read more

I became an international real estate investor lured by the promise of travel, adventure, and profit. These days, feeling pretty relaxed about life has been a big additional benefit. When I open a newspaper, check social media, or turn on the TV news I am happier than ever that I own a portfolio of income-producing… Read more

If you haven’t yet picked your New Year’s resolution for 2021, here’s a suggestion… Make this the “year of freedom…” The year of financial freedom, freedom to travel, freedom from taxes, freedom from restrictions… It might sound ambitious, but in a moment I’ll explain how you can make it all happen. Right now, the travel… Read more

For me, the global lockdown has been a great learning experience. It has refocused me on what’s most important when it comes to finding the perfect overseas home. My personal bases are places where I can recover from fast-paced scouting trips and put shape on the big ideas we follow at RETA. They are places… Read more

If you could work from anywhere in the world, where would you go? 2020 was the year when remote Work From Home (WFH) went mainstream. But 2021 will be the year we really start seeing what that means for the millions of people who have just started doing it. A new Pew Research Center report… Read more

I’m not a gambler. I like a sure thing. Especially when it comes to real estate investing. However, there are tantalizing deals out there for folks willing to accept some risk. One of the most intriguing of all are “vente en viager” deals found in France and Belgium. The term “viager” owes its origin to… Read more

About 50 minutes south of the Mexican tourist favorite of Cancún, Playa del Carmen has become a sophisticated beachside city with over 200,000 residents and millions of visitors…it has large malls, an international dining scene, box stores, and a very international community. In a city so new, everyone is from somewhere else. English is spoken… Read more

I’ve been getting questions lately about whether it’s possible to find a home in and around the $100,000 range that’s close to water. The short answer is yes…but there’s a “but.” The thing is, water comes at a premium. It’s scarce and in demand. Depending on where you’re looking, the difference between a waterfront property… Read more

The easiest money I ever made and lost was in the stock market. Here’s the story of my wild ride, and how I invest my money today… In 1999, when I was just 24-years-old and fresh out of university with a degree in finance, I found a “sure thing” investment. Ireland’s government-run telecommunications company Telecom… Read more

You’ve waited months for this. The bracing air hits your face while the sensation of snow beneath your skis rekindles a forgotten thrill. With clear skies, you can see mountain peaks nearly 100 miles away, but as you pick up speed, your focus turns to the mountain beneath you and the rush of speeding down… Read more

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