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Panama City is a vibrant, chic, and cosmopolitan capital…one of the most internationalized cities on my beat. Nestled amid its stunning centuries-old colonial buildings and palm tree-lined boulevards, you’ll find world-class restaurants, trendy rooftop bars, and luxury boutiques. Beneath its towering skyscrapers, you’ll see expansive shopping malls…5-star hotels…and dealerships selling European supercars like Ferraris, Porsches… Read more

Panama is best known for its world-class capital… Set on the Pacific Ocean, by the entrance to the country’s renowned canal, Panama City is a global center of trade, finance and culture. Its skyline glitters and soars with skyscrapers housing global banks and major multinationals. Its streets are lined with trendy cafés…craft beer bars…fine-dining restaurants…designer… Read more

We have boots on the ground in the mountains of Panama… Panama has been a key destination on my global beat for decades. This country offers lifestyle and investment possibilities unlike anywhere else in the world… The beating heart of this country is its fast-growing, ever-evolving capital, Panama City. One of the wealthiest cities in… Read more

In this week’s digest: Own in an Idyllic Irish Town from €170,000 Overseas Villas for Half the Cost of a Home in the U.S. Beach Town Bargains from just $109,000 Plus, Your Questions Answered on Owning in Mexico I’m in Kenmare, Ireland today… This is an idyllic small town on the Ring of Kerry in… Read more

As I often say, if you’re willing to look everywhere, there’s always opportunity somewhere. It’s a message that bears repeating, especially in 2024. With the U.S. going through a period of real estate scarcity, you could be forgiven for thinking that there are no opportunities left anywhere… On Tuesday I shared a video with my… Read more

Members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group are blown away… I can’t say I blame them. I had the exact same reaction when I found out you could get a charming historic home in Italy for €55,000…€35,000…even €28,000 or less… Yesterday, I released the brand-new monthly issue of RETA all about the incredible bargains… Read more

A historic house in a stunning hill town for only €28,000… A three-story house with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea for just €35,000… A spacious four-story house in an idyllic village that’s near ski resorts and just 15 minutes’ drive from the beach for only €55,000… These are just some of the jaw-dropping bargains… Read more

A fully furnished condo less than a mile from the beach in Portugal’s southern Algarve region for $177,500… A two-bed home with panoramic views of the ocean on Panama’s tropical Pacific Riviera for $249,000… A condo in a gated community in a charming village on Mexico’s Caribbean coast for just $109,000… These are just some… Read more

In this week’s digest: Own in French Castle Country from $114,870 Another Scout is in Montenegro…Europe’s Secret Riviera Own in a Beach Town from just $109,000 Get Income from an Apartment in Florence I’m in France today… Once you’re in Europe travel can be done at a whim. Changing scenery and switching cultures and cuisines… Read more

There are five special regions of the world where people live exceptionally long and healthy lives. These are known as “Blue Zones.” Blue Zones are home to the world’s highest concentrations of people living to 100 years or more. People in these regions also experience on average far lower levels of chronic diseases like obesity… Read more

Get your new special Overseas Dream Home report—5 Stunning Beach Towns Where You Can Own from $109,000. In California, Florida and other U.S. states, beachside real estate can cost a small fortune. Often, you’ll pay well over a million or even several million dollars. But look overseas and you’ll find that in many of the… Read more

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