“Like Miami, But for a Fraction of the Cost”

The new Real Estate Trend Alert deal in Panama City is close…

Tomorrow you’ll receive my full Deal Briefing, where I’ll share all the details about this opportunity to own a luxury condo on the last prime waterfront land in Panama City at killer, off-market pricing and see expected gains of almost $300,000 eight years after delivery. (I also expect income of $36,000 a year renting long term.)

Today, I want to introduce David…

David Hinton is a member of the RETA concierge team. At RETA, our concierges are on hand to help members with any issues they have…to answer any questions…to address any concern…

Besides being a RETA concierge, David is also an expat and a resident of Panama.

He tells you about it below…


Ronan McMahon, Founder, Overseas Dream Home & Real Estate Trend Alert

“Like Miami, But for a Fraction of the Cost”
By David Hinton

Back in 2014 when my wife and I first visited Panama, we were hoping to find an affordable and safe place offering ocean views and warm weather.

I’d always thought of Panama as just another developing country that happened to have the Panama Canal. But upon arrival I was pleasantly surprised to find the beautiful skyline of Panama City, ocean views, warm weather, extensive highways, and a modern metro rail service. It reminded me of Miami, but for a fraction of the cost.

David is a member of the RETA concierge team. He moved to Panama four years ago and since then his lifestyle and health have dramatically improved.

Four years ago, we decided to make the permanent move to Panama City. There were a number of factors that sealed the deal for us when it came to moving from our home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Panama sits below the hurricane belt, it has excellent healthcare, it uses the U.S. dollar for currency, and it has a growing and supportive expat community (the bulk of expats here are from the U.S., but we have met folks from all over the world including Canada, Germany, South Africa, Asia, and Australia). Plus it’s only a four-hour plane ride from Atlanta.

Panama City is also extremely affordable compared to U.S. cities, even on retirement income. Your dollar goes a lot further here. It’s not the cheapest city in the world, but compared to the U.S., you still get a lot more bang for your buck.

Over the last two decades, Panama City has transformed from a sleepy backwater into a vibrant world city…

Since we’ve been here, I’ve used the healthcare system for basic doctor visits and minor surgeries. Overall, it’s been a great experience. My personal doctor speaks English (many of the doctors here trained in the U.S.) and the costs are considerably lower than the U.S.

Panama City offers many of the same amenities and activities that we are used to in the U.S., but for a much lower price. You name it, and you’ll find it here, anything from tennis courts to pickleball to world-class golf courses.

There are also so many types of restaurants and shopping malls (Albrook Mall here is the largest in all of Central America), and there are always activities going on from Carnival to New Year’s Eve celebrations. Also, despite the fact that Panama’s official language is Spanish, of which I speak very little, the Panamanian people are so warm and welcoming that it makes venturing out in Panama City a very enjoyable experience.

In Panama City, Casco Viejo (the old town) has been completely renovated, with its Spanish colonial-style buildings now hosting restaurants, hotels, and entertainment and nightlife spots. There is also the Amador Causeway, a narrow but scenic strip of land that heads out to the cruise line ports and island ferry rides. Along the way there are walking and bicycle trails where you can take in the scenic ocean and city views.

As part of Panama City’s recent transformation, the historic district of Casco Viejo has been renovated. It now attracts locals and tourists alike to its charming streets.

I like to take my e-bike and ride along the scenic Cinta Costera (Coastal Beltway) on Balboa Avenue. Each Sunday the city closes down this area to local traffic and transforms it into a unique experience for bicycling, walking, festivals, and yoga.

In the short period of time that I’ve been here, I’ve been so impressed with the ongoing infrastructure development in Panama City.

A metro line has been built between the city and the airport. Now the metro is being extended to the beach areas. Highways between the city and the beach areas have also been widened, making it an easy journey.

In the last couple of years, the city’s Tocumen International Airport has added a new terminal, and a new convention center was completed. And Panama continues to add to the city skyline with new condo buildings and commercial skyscrapers.

Panama City’s modern skyline is continually expanding, a sign of the explosive growth of this vibrant city.

One neighborhood to keep on your radar is Costa del Este.

The modern, upscale area is a very swank and fun place and offers lots of nightlife options, restaurants, and activities. Plus, it’s close to the airport and there’s quick access to downtown. So if you are a frequent traveler and don’t like traffic but love city life, this will be the spot for you. I think Costa del Este is going to be the city hotspot.

This is also where you’ll find the new RETA project, which sits on the bay at the edge of Costa del Este with stunning views of Panama City’s skyline and the Pacific.

David with his e-bike at the Panama sign on Amador Causeway. The spectacular causeway links the mainland with four small islands located at the entrance to the Panama Canal.

From what I have witnessed so far, Panama is poised to become a true world city.

From a personal perspective, I feel Panama has provided much needed calm in my life. I no longer sweat the small stuff and appreciate all that I have. My outlook on life is to live it to its fullest.

In my opinion, Panamanians choose a simple way of life. Many choose not to be confrontational and usually just go with the flow, even if that means an everyday task takes longer. Everyone is happy and upbeat. And it’s a lesson that my wife and I have adopted.

Moving here has been a blessing. I came to Panama with so many health issues but because of my lifestyle changes, diet, exercise, and that fact that I have less stress, I have lost a tremendous amount of weight and I’m always active. This is a life I would have never experienced back in the U.S.

Ronan says: Thanks David. It’s great to hear you’re enjoying life in Panama, and I’m in complete agreement on the future of this country.

When I first scouted Panama two decades, it was a sleepy backwater. Today, as David notes, it’s a vibrant world city…an emerging Singapore for Latin America. And nowhere shows this transformation more than the neighborhood of Costa del Este.

Three decades ago, this neighborhood didn’t exist. It was wetlands and a dumping ground. But the government identified it as the perfect place to create a new commercial and business district to attract the world’s top multinationals.

This 766-acre neighborhood was designed from the ground up as a masterpiece of urban planning and innovation…and it’s been a roaring success. Today you’ll find over 50 multinational companies with offices in Costa del Este.

As the companies came, so did the amenities—the hospitals, the malls, the international schools, the trendy restaurants, the bustling cocktail bars and cafés… Now, Costa del Este is the place to live in Panama City.

And it’s here, on the last perfect piece of prime waterfront land on the edge of this prestigious neighborhood, where we have our new RETA deal.

This community is not just in the perfect location, it boasts an iconic design. This will be a landmark community with unrivaled views of the ocean and city skyline and amenities that will be the envy of everyone. That’s why I figure on gains of almost $300,000 eight years after delivery.

Full details coming tomorrow…

Until then, I sent you a full report on Panama’s astonishing transformation and why this city holds such immense potential. Check it out here to get the full backstory on Panama City before the full Deal Briefing drops tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET.

A developer’s render showing part of the pool area and the spectacular views from our landmark community. Although renders shouldn’t be considered final, they give us a great idea of what to expect. Full details on this opportunity coming tomorrow…


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