The Secret to Creating a Rental Income Machine

Income of €244,800.

That’s my rough estimate of how much gross income someone would have made if they acted on a recommendation I made in Dublin, Ireland some years back.

Let me explain…

In February 2012, I recommended two-bedroom apartments in Dublin’s financial district to members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group. The apartments were listed for €135,000 (about $179,000 at the time). I wrote back then, “Your tenants will be nurses, tech workers (in Google or Facebook), young accountants and lawyers, in their mid to late twenties.”

Back in 2012, apartments like these in Dublin rented for around €900 to €1,000 per month, though that figure started climbing sharply in the years that followed. Today, they rent for at least €2,300 per month.

To be conservative, let’s say the average rent over the 12-year period was €1,700 per month or €20,400 per year (that’s an almost 15% yield). And for simplicity, let’s say you started renting it out exactly 12 years ago.

That’s 12 years x €20,400, which means gross income of €244,800. (These are rough, ballpark figures, but I’m being conservative…I bet the real figure is much higher.)

Plus, there’s more…

Today, two-bedroom apartments in the same area of Dublin sell for in the region of €400,000 ($428,000). That’s €265,000 more, or a 187% gain on capital appreciation, on top of the €244,800 in income.

All from one plug and play opportunity. Buy. Rent. Wait for multinationals to bring more people. Rents rise. Prime real estate becomes more scarce. And you let the virtuous cycle and compounding take care of itself.

Find real estate like this that meets a few key criteria and it becomes a form of “permanent income machine.” Those criteria…

  • It’s in the heart of a city that’s a major global hub of business and finance. (Dublin is home to regional headquarters for scores of major multinational banks and tech companies.)
  • It’s in a perfect location near the city’s main business district.
  • And it’s in a high-quality building where people want to live.

Find something like this and your real estate will always rent well. Get in at the right price and it’s a license to print money

In that way it’s just like the killer new deal I’m about to bring to RETA members in Panama City…

Panama City today is reminiscent of what Dublin was like several decades ago…a rapidly emerging center of trade and business that’s drawing in the world’s leading multinationals.

As in Ireland, Panama City has achieved this through wise policies and smart infrastructure investment.

Panama has a well-earned reputation as a global safe haven due to its easy residency options, business-friendly policies, and favorable taxation regulations. The country offers big incentives such as tax breaks to any major company that makes the country its regional headquarters.

That’s repeating the same playbook Ireland used. The difference, however, is that Panama is much earlier in its story.

While Ireland is now well-established as a major tech and finance hub for Europe, Panama only started down this path two decades ago.

In that sense, the scale of what has already been achieved there is deeply impressive…

Since the 2000s, scores of major multinationals have moved to Panama and the city’s skyline has been transformed. Panama City is now three times the size it was in 1990. Today, it’s one of the wealthiest cities in the Americas, sporting the world’s 25th biggest skyline, beating out LA, Miami, and Beijing to name just a few.

And the city just keeps on growing…

In 2010, there were 3.3 million residents in Panama. That number is now at more than 4.4 million. And it’s projected to hit 5.8 million by 2050, with more than half of the population living in and around Panama City.

Panama City is on a massive growth trajectory…and the area driving this growth is its world-class business district: Costa del Este.

Costa del Este didn’t exist three decades ago.

Back in the mid-1990s, before Panama launched its big appeal to multinationals, it laid the groundwork for their arrival by developing a brand-new region of the city, which it called Costa del Este.

Proposed in 1995 and launched in 2002, the vast, 310-hectare district included land reclaimed from the ocean and offered a blank canvas…allowing urban planners to develop a “city within a city.”

Costa del Este was designed from the ground up to be one of the core business districts for Central and South America…with wide, modern boulevards, space for skyscrapers, and a marine bridge connecting with a direct roadway to Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport.

It has been an unqualified success…

This is where the many international firms driving Panama’s phenomenal growth story have their offices…and their staff! I lost count of the major multinational companies in this district at 50.

Costa del Este is now the most sought-after and expensive neighborhood of Panama City.

As you can imagine, land there is at a premium. Today, there’s almost no prime land left anywhere in or around this district…which is what makes the new RETA members-only deal so astonishing.

One of my contacts, Alfredo Aleman—a man I consider the best developer in Panama—has managed to get his hands on a last perfect piece of land here and he’s using it to build an iconic new landmark community.

This residential community will be waterfront, in the ideal location on the edge of Costa del Este.

The level of luxury you’ll get with ownership is second-to-none. The plush amenities area will be huge, lushly landscaped and offer the perfect retreat within the city…the views are going to be outstanding…of the city and the ocean…

Yet, because of my long-standing connections to this developer, RETA members are about to get the chance to snap up luxury condos in this landmark building in one of the world’s great international cities at truly unbelievable pricing.

The potentials gains here are enormous…

I expect us to lock in gains of nearly $300,000 eight years after delivery.

I also expect rental income of $36,000 a year renting long term. After all, this is right where the many international firms driving Panama’s phenomenal growth story have their offices…and their staff. Everyone wants to be here! These condos will be permanent income machines.

Members of my RETA group have already seen huge gains from our past deals with this developer.

Alfredo Aleman is the visionary behind Ocean Reef, an exclusive man-made island community off downtown Panama City, made up of two islands with a marina in between.

A home on Ocean Reef islands is for the kind of person that international CEOs report to. The marina is for the mega-yachts of the super-wealthy. Everything on the islands has 5-star luxury built in, the Yacht Club, gyms, restaurants, retail area, spa, tennis courts…

Yet, because of RETA’s group-buying power and our connections to Alfredo, RETA members could lock in sweeping ocean-view condos starting at $783,000. Resales are rare on Ocean Reef, but in 2022 a condo in Seascape listed for $995,000. That’s a boost of $212,000.

Now, thanks to our connections to Alfredo, RETA members can own in his new landmark project on the cusp of the city’s business district.

As I say, I expect these luxury condos to be permanent income machines…renting constantly to the high-flying professionals working in Costa del Este year after year after year.

Just as with the apartment in Dublin, they’re in a city that’s a major global center of business and finance. They’re in a perfect location near the city’s main business district. And they’re in a stunning community where people want to live.

And best of all, the RETA-only price to own one of these condos is unbelievable….

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