In Photos: Panama City Goes Global

Panama City stands apart from anywhere else on my global beat…

I’ve been scouting this city for around 20 years. When I first visited, it was little more than a sleepy, regional backwater. But it was right at the point where it was about to take off. And take off it has—in incredible fashion.

It’s truly global now, attracting wealthy and well-heeled folks from all over the world.

There’s a lot of proof of Panama City’s boom when you put your boots on the ground. In the city you’ll find supercar dealerships, designer boutiques, luxury malls, upscale restaurants, yacht clubs…

Panama City has arrived on the world stage. A few key factors have made this possible…

This city sits at one end of the Panama Canal, a linchpin of global trade. Panama City’s airport, which has been consistently upgraded over the past decades, has become the most important in the region, serving a record 17.8 million passengers last year. And the city has attracted scores of multinationals from across the globe with favorable taxation and banking laws.

We are witnessing the emergence of a new Singapore or Dubai for Latin America. And it’s growth trajectory has decades left to run…which is why Panama City is the only major city on my list of the best places in the world to own real estate in 2024.

Today I want to share a quick “photo tour” of what makes Panama special. This country is one of the world’s great safe havens. It’s got Caribbean beaches, hundreds of tropical islands, vast forest-clad mountains, a rich culture and heritage, and of course a famous canal…

And at the heart of it all is its world-class capital.

Panama City boasts the biggest skyline in all of Latin America and the 25th biggest in the world.

This skyline boasts some impressive architectural achievements. One of the best-known is the 52-story F&F Tower, locally nicknamed “the Corkscrew.”

This city has grown so popular that there’s almost no prime land left for development. In fact, there’s now such a shortage of land that a developer has built ultra-luxurious man-made islands off downtown Panama City!

As Panama City has grown affluent, it has been rejuvenated with impressive new public spaces. For instance, the Cinta Costera (Coastal Beltway) is a 4-mile-long public recreation area that runs along the Bay of Panama. Featuring gardens, bike lanes, and sports fields, it’s a popular public exercise spot.

The city’s many seafront promenades offer spectacular views out over the Bay of Panama and the skyline. Tourists are increasingly flocking to the city to soak up sights like these.

Another popular tourist destination in Panama City is the historic district of Casco Viejo. In recent decades, the area’s impressive colonial-era buildings have been lovingly restored.

Visitors and locals alike enjoy dining along the streets of Casco Viejo in the warm evening air.

The world-famous Panama Canal likewise attracts plenty of tourists. It also helps make Panama an economic powerhouse—5% of all global trade, and 40% of U.S. container traffic, passes through this man-made waterway.

Panama is a stunning tropical country. Not far from Panama City, you’ll find lush mountains, quaint hill towns, and exceptional hiking trails.

The country also boasts world-class beaches, like the popular Red Frog beach on Bastimentos Island, Bocas del Toro.

Panama City is now one of the world’s most vibrant and livable destinations…

You can enjoy all the benefits of living in a major metropolis—incredible nightlife, world-class international schools and hospitals, modern airports and metros, upscale supermarkets and shopping malls…

And then just beyond this tropical city lies white-sand beaches and lush green highlands with amazing hiking and hot springs.

It’s an incredible combination…and it explains why Panama City is increasingly drawing wealthy folks, retirees, young families, and work-from-anywhere professionals from across the globe.

As I say, we’re witnessing the emergence of a new world city—a Singapore or Dubai for the Americas.

Which is what makes the new opportunity I’ve found here so exciting…

Soon, members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group will have the chance to own luxury condos in a stunning community on the last prime waterfront location of its kind in this world-class city.

This prime piece of waterfront land is in a perfect position on the edge of the city’s most sought-after and expensive neighborhood. Over 50 multinational companies have offices on the doorstep of this community. And there’s world-class dining…shopping…entertainment…this is the place to be…

This community is truly special too. It will be a landmark building in Panama City, with an iconic design to resemble the sails of a ship. And the amenities will be out of this world—lap pool, waterfront park, bistro, gym…

Yet, because of my RETA group’s long-standing connections to the developer (the same developer who built the man-made islands above), we’re getting the chance to buy in here at off-market RETA-only pricing.

I expect gains of nearly $300,000 eight years after delivery from owning a condo here. And I expect rental income of $36,000 a year.

This community will be a waterfront landmark, and it’s right at the heart of Panama City… (Renders shouldn’t be considered final, but give you a good idea.)

This Saturday, June 8, at 1 p.m. ET, I’m revealing the full details of this opportunity to RETA members in a special deal briefing…

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Today, in the lead-up to this briefing, I’m sharing with you a brand-new special report on Panama.

This report explains the rise of Panama and why its future looks even brighter than the boom period of the past 25 years. It also contains details on visas, healthcare, taxes and so much more…

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Ronan McMahon, Founder, Overseas Dream Home & Real Estate Trend Alert

P.S. My new special Panama report explains the key event in 1999 that sparked a rebirth for Panama…how smart policies and vast infrastructure investment mirroring the Singapore and Dubai models set Panama City on a path toward becoming a true world city…why Panama’s growth trajectory has decades left to run. Click here to start reading it now.

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