Panama’s “City Within a City”

Of all the stunning neighborhoods in the sprawling metropolis of Panama City, there’s one that stands apart.

This neighborhood is home to the regional headquarters of scores for multinational corporations. It boasts expansive shopping malls, top-rated international schools, world-class medical facilities, high-end restaurants, luxury residential communities…

It’s a “city within a city”—the place where everyone wants to be in Panama City.

But here’s what makes it truly remarkable…

Three decades ago, this neighborhood didn’t exist. The area where you’ll find it today was wetlands and a dumping ground. From this blank canvas, this neighborhood was designed to be the centerpiece of the modern, global Panama City.

Now that promise is being realized…

Three decades ago, Costa del Este was wetlands and a dumping ground. Now this upscale neighborhood, with its wide boulevards, leafy parks and towering residential and commercial buildings, is at the heart of Panama City’s astonishing growth.

The 766-acre neighborhood of Costa del Este is a masterpiece of urban planning and innovation. It’s where everyone wants to be…the business executives, the entrepreneurs, the snowbirds, the diplomats…

And it’s here, on the cusp of this neighborhood, where I’m about to bring a new deal to members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group.

On Saturday, at 1 p.m. ET, I’m releasing the full briefing on this deal to RETA members…

This is a chance to own on the last prime waterfront land on the edge of this exclusive neighborhood. And you can own there at unbelievable, off-market RETA-only prices. I expect gains of nearly $300,000 on this deal and income of $36,000 if you choose to rent long term.

Today, though, let’s dig into Costa del Este…

In the mid-to-late 1990s, Panama entered a period of astonishing growth, fueled by its takeover of the Panama Canal—one of the world’s great trading arteries.

But Panama was determined not to be dependent entirely on global trade through the Canal. So in the 2000s, it enacted a law offering big incentives such as tax breaks to any major company that made the country its regional headquarters for Latin America.

Before Panama launched its big appeal to multinationals, it laid the groundwork for their arrival by developing a brand-new, purpose-built region of the capital—Costa del Este.

The Bridge of the Americas over the Panama Canal. Panama once relied almost entirely on the canal, but in recent decades it has had huge success diversifying its economy thanks to wise policies and large-scale infrastructure investments, such as the development of Costa del Este.

Work began on Costa del Este in 1995 with the spectacular reclamation of wetlands and what was up until then a large dump.

The initial phase saw land reclaimed and created…then the infrastructure went in…roads, sewers, water, electricity…cables were put underground. The area was subject to strict and careful zoning, with commercial centers, industrial areas, and high-rise luxury residential communities.

With the infrastructure in place, the neighborhood saw the rapid development of residential and commercial properties.

Wide, palm tree-lined boulevards sit beneath Costa del Este’s towering skyscrapers.

High-rise luxury condominiums, gated communities, office towers, and shopping centers quickly began to emerge.

Key projects include the construction of major office buildings and the Town Center, which became a central commercial hub.

Today, Costa del Este’s wide boulevards, leafy parks and residential and commercial zones are at the heart of Panama’s growth. The regional headquarters of more than 50 multinational corporations are found there, including Microsoft, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, and Adidas.

This map shows only some of the 50 or so multinational companies with offices in Costa del Este. And you’ll see in the bottom left that the new opportunity I’m about to bring you is right on the cusp of it, on the waterfront.

Costa del Este is much more than a business district, it’s also a highly desirable place to live, with outstanding amenities.

A palm tree-lined malecon (promenade) runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean for just over a mile, and is a popular spot for an early morning workout among the countless professionals working in the towering skyscrapers that hover overhead.

With so many expat professionals and executives calling Costa del Este home, it’s no surprise that 90% of Panama City’s excellent international schools are in this area. Many of these schools offer bilingual or multilingual programs, helping students become proficient in English, Spanish, and other languages.

Panama’s state-of-the-art healthcare services are nearby too. Just 10 minutes away, for instance, you have Hospital Punta Pacifica, which is affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International.

Major multinational corporations that have offices in Costa del Este include Adidas, Microsoft, and United Airlines, among many others.

Costa del Este is home to upmarket supermarket chains like Riba Smith, where you can buy household favorites imported from the U.S. and wines and cheeses imported from Europe.

At Town Center, the neighborhood’s major commercial area, you’ll find a vast range of stores, restaurants, a gym and the luxury Cinepolis VIP cinema chain.

Town Center even has a hospital, the Johns Hopkins-affiliated Pacifica Salud Costa del Este, which was inaugurated in 2022. The state-of-the-art facility features an emergency ward, pharmacy, maternity and neo natal facilities, operating room and radiology department.

Leafy parks sit beneath Costa del Este’s impressive skyline.

Throughout Costa del Este, you’ll find some of the best cafés, bars and restaurants in Panama City. There are some 100 options with a radius of just a few miles. To give you just a few brief samples..The upmarket Saquella Espresso café boasts excellent coffee and salads, while Años Lochos steak house has some of the best steaks in the city and an extensive wine menu. There’s also ACHA, a renowned seafood restaurant…Zielo, offering high-end fusion with Japanese influences…Mai Mai, where you can choose from a Latin American and Asian-themed menu…This is truly a “city within a city.” Which explains why everyone wants to be in or close to Costa del Este…

  • For business executives it’s the ideal location…close to their workplaces…
  • Wealthy Panamanians seek its luxury living and modern amenities in a prestigious address.
  • Retirees from overseas love the lifestyle and easy access to cutting-edge healthcare.
  • Young entrepreneurs come for access to wealthy clientele and a supportive business environment.
  • Employees of embassies, consulates, and international organizations stationed in Panama thrive in Costa del Este, too…

Such is the demand for real estate here that already, just three decades after it was conceived, virtually all the prime land in Costa del Este is gone.

And yet, very soon, I’m bringing members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group an incredible opportunity to own here…on the cusp of Costa del Este…

This community is on the last prime waterfront land of its type in thriving, cosmopolitan Panama City. And the visionary developer my RETA group is dealing with is planning an iconic, landmark community there with unrivaled amenities, the sort of self-contained luxury one expects of a high-end resort hotel.

Check out this render from the developer. Although it shouldn’t be considered final it gives you a great idea of the amenities…

A night view from the pool in our community toward the high-rises of Punta Pacifica in Panama City. You’ll be able to see the lights of the ships entering the Panama Canal and you’ll have all this world-class city offers on your doorstep…the best dining, excellent healthcare, brilliant international schools…

More details on this opportunity coming this Saturday with the RETA deal briefing.

RonanRonan McMahon, Founder, Overseas Dream Home & Real Estate Trend Alert

P.S. One of the often-overlooked benefits of living in Panama City is the incredible natural beauty right on your doorstep. Just beyond the suburbs of this cosmopolitan city, you’ll find palm-fringed tropical coastlines, imposing volcanic mountains, and lush jungle rainforest.

To give you an example…

One popular weekend destination among Panama City residents is the Pacific Riviera, just 90-minutes’ drive away. This is where you’ll find the nicest closest beach to Panama City, in the stunning community of Playa Caracol. This is a stunning expansive of white-sand next to glistening azure Pacific waters…

The stunning white-sand beaches at Playa Caracol…just 90 minutes from Panama City. Natural beauty like this is just another of the reasons the world is coming to Panama.

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